Our School

It has been said that an environment acts as a kind of aquarium, which reflects the ideas, ethics, attitudes and cultures of the people who live in it.  This is what we are working towards.  “Loris Malaguzz” from the book working in the Reggio Way, by Julianne P. Wurm.

The Place of Our Dreams

Walking into PromiseLand Learning Center is no ordinary experience.  Our new building was designed and born in our dreams, 5 years before it was ever drawn on paper.

We dreamed of…

  • a large place with plenty of sunlight everywhere, a special cozy place for babies to be loved, cherished and free to explore
  • an inside gym where toddlers could run around and even be loud
  • a beautiful, long hallway and butterflies in the skies
  • providing large rooms for children to have as much space as possible to create and learn
  • a huge playground with specific places for different ages to be safe to run and play and have fun
  • a small, quiet and restful room for mothers to nurse and snuggle their babies
  • a fully equipped workroom to enable our wonderful teachers to create and feel fulfilled in their work at PLC

The staff of PromiseLand Learning Center shared these ideas and dreams with a team of highly skilled experts who completely captured our vision and helped make our dream a reality.

Dreamers at Heart…

PromiseLand Learning Center has the capacity to accommodate over 150 children in a beautiful facility where children are encouraged to dream and imagine.  We’re dreamers at heart.  We believe that children should have every opportunity to learn, grow and develop into whatever they dream of becoming.  The sky is the limit!

As we envisioned our new facility we imagined the best for these precious children.  We have not spared a penny to compromise the excellence of our care.  Each room was carefully furnished with all materials appropriately placed.  We couldn’t wait for children to come learn and explore!  We just knew children would love this special place we had prepared just for them.

The grand opening of PromiseLand Learning Center was November 2010.  It has been a marvelous journey since we opened our doors.  Our enrollment has doubled since opening our doors.  Please call or email today if you would like more information about enrolling your child in PromiseLand Learning Center, where we provide the latest in love and the best in care for your child.