Toddlers Are Adventurers, Fearless and Fun!

Our Toddler program is inspired by their desire to explore and discover.

Toddlers are active adventurers who are always one step ahead of us, fearless explores who are mesmerized by the world around them.

Our job is to support, inspire and encourage their natural curiosity, assuring their safety and providing them with the tools they need to have meaningful experiences they can learn from.


Parents and teachers are given the opportunity to exchange information and help one another to make learning in the toddler room an extension of what it is at home and vice-versa.

Daily reports about children’s normal routine is provided with detailed notes about each child’s day.



Our approach for toddler and Two’s curriculum is called emergent curriculum.

An emergent curriculum is one that comes from the children’s interests, the teachers are the greatest supporters that make room for what is naturally being explored and the experiences the children are eager to learn from.

Observing is key in this process, teachers are in tune with their children so they can capture their thoughts and what can sparkle new learning experiences.

The teaching is intentional and all the material that is incorporated to their daily activities is meant to give opportunities for learning about a topic in many different ways, so the new information acquired may be captured in a meaningful way.

Children are exposed to letters, numbers, shapes and colors daily, not in a fragmented way but the way we see around us, everywhere and with a purpose.