Two Year Olds

The perfect time for a personality blossoming and how incredible it is to observe independence being born.  How wonderful it is to turn two!

Language takes a very prominent place at this age improving children’s ability to communicate their feelings and needs.

It’s also a particular time for self-awareness and great opportunities for parents and teachers to work together to help children build self-confidence.


So many challenges seem to appear for parents and teachers of two year olds.

At the same time it’s so rewarding to watch them gaining independence and improving their vocabulary day by day.

More than ever it’s a great time to keep the communication opened and work as a team to manage the challenges and support children’s self-confidence and independence.

Through posted lesson plans, potty charts and newsletters we are able to exchange important information daily and formal or informal meetings between parents and teachers are a key to success when dealing with this age group.


Emergent is the word. Let the children guide the way to what is capturing their heart at the moment and the teacher will work to facilitate the exploring and learning.

Emergent curriculum means observe and capture opportunities to invest in children’s natural curiosity.

Provide experiences that are meaningful and that can be built upon day by day until a skill can be mastered and a new concept can be learned.

Intentionality must be present at every aspect; the room set-up, the learning material displayed around the room at children’s reach, and all the activities proposed to the children as part of their lesson plans.

Experienced and resourceful teachers combined with a great environment set the stage for learning to happen.

At PLC we are confident that you will find the perfect atmosphere for your child to grow and blossom.